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Pierce Family Pictures
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Marion Pierce
Family Pictures
& Civil War Records

Jasper Pierce
Civil War

Armstrong Descendants Pictures

Jeptha Armstrong
Civil War

Family Pics 1

Family Pics 2


The pictures below are from various sources. Most came from my mother's picture box and others from Pierce family members that have sent them to me. Thanks everyone for the pictures you have sent me, I apprecate it very mcuh.

Wayne Meddley, a Pierce descendant.

Click on a thumbnail image below to see the larger image.

"Francis Adeline Pierce"
"Vera Meddley"
"Adcock Family"
"Henry & Argen"
"Harold J.Meddley"
"Carson Family"
"Vera & Junior"
"Vivian & Clara"
"Lester & Friend"
"Lester & Esther"
"Pa & Son-in-laws"
"The Hunters"
"Annie and Susan"
"Alpha Terrell"
"Alfred Terrell and Wife"
"Runyan Family"
"Lester Pierce"
"Dora Pierce Meddley"
"On May Hill"
"Ozell & Isabell"
"Sossamon family"