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Armstrong Family Pictures


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Jeptha Armstrong
Civil War


Three of the Armstrong brothers who came from Alabama to Arkansas were in the Civil War. Jeptha Daniel, John Mastin and James Dickson. John and Jeptha were in Cocke's and Hawthorne's Regiments during the battle of Prarie Grove, Arkansas. They were captured at the Battle of Helena Arkansas on July 4, 1863 and spent the rest of their time in the Civil War in prison camps. They were in Alton Illinois and Deleware City, Deleware. James Dickson was in Morgans Arkansas Cavalry and was captured in Iron County Missouri and died in the Alton Illinois Prison.
These pictures were sent to me by Armstrong descendants. If anyone sees an error in the identification of any of these people, please let me know and I will correct them. I appreciate the people who have took the time and effort to scan these pictures and send them to me. Thanks everyone!

Wayne Meddley

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"Jeffery Sterling Armstrong"
"Nancy Emmen Felton Armstrong"
"Isaac Huntly Armstrong"
"Alton Prison Monument"
"Plaque at Alton Prison"
"Alton Prison"
"Vera & Junior"
"CW Gravemarker"
"Sam and Annie Allen"
"Luther & Floyd Armstrong"
"Pa & Ma Pierce"
"Frank Armstrong"
"Frank & Bonnie Armstrong"
"Mary Florence Armstrong"
"Mary Florence Armstrong"
"Oscar & Frank"
"Mary & Henry Matthews"
"Isaac H. & Martha Armstrong"