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Pierce Family Pictures
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Pierce Family
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Marion Pierce
Family Pictures
& Civil War Records

Jasper Pierce
Civil War

Armstrong Descendants Pictures

Jeptha Armstrong
Civil War

Family Pics 1

Family Pics 2


The following few pages are scanned pictures from Vera Meddley Smith's picture box. This is not all she has and one day I hope to scan them all and get them on line. These pictures vary as to dates and areas where they were made. I will try to identify all of them as to who they are and how they are related to the Pierce family. Some of these I had never seen before and hope you enjoy looking at them. You may download any or all of them if you so choose.

Wayne Meddley.

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"Pierce Family"
"Warren and Vera Smith"
"Wayne and Iona"
"Pierce and Descendants"
"Vera Smith."
"Smith Family"
"Yates Family"
""Smiths 50th Anniversary"
"Smiths & Williams"
"Meddley Family"
"Vera Smith"
"Dora Meddley "
"Wayne Meddley"
"C. O. & Vivian"
"Pierce Family"
"Adcock Family"
"Dora & Harrison"
"Pierce & Adcock Family"
"Harrison and Dora"
"Meddley Twins"
"Dora & Vera"